COLLEGE FASHION AUSTRALIA PTY.LTD., 42/5-21 Faculty Close, Campus Shopping Village, Queensland, Smithfield 4878



COLLEGE FASHION is a brand from EXTRA Group Germany who is a strategic player in the areas of brand management, textile and advertising productions. EXTRA Group Germany has served for over 20 years in the industry in Europe. More than 200 brands like ‚Deutsche Telekom‘, Siemens‘, Mercedes Benz‘, Allianz‘ and McDonald´s‘ have used their products and services.


Resultant from this expertise COLLEGE FASHION takes great care in providing you with the highest quality production and materials, creativity, design and high level of exclusivity. In order to meet both your qualitative and quantitative requirements, we rely on competent manufacturer networks and service partners. This is an addition to our close monitoring of the latest technological developments which we use to optimize procurement processes, logistic concepts and IT systems accordingly.


Since 2007 COLLEGE FASHION has been one of the leading suppliers for academic regalia (cap, gown, tassel, hood etc,) in Europe. In 2013 COLLEGE FASHION entered into the US market and serves its customers with their own shop ( as well as being a leading provider in In 2016 an Australian business partner established the COLLEGE FASHION AUSTRALIA Pty. Ltd. - caps and gowns for Australia.

By close cooperation with the EXTRA Group Germany, MANUFAKTUR BAVARIA and TIMELESS | bespoken, COLLEGE FASHION AUSTRALIA united the necassary disciplines around graduation ceremonies, academic regalia and university merchandising. Our individual style is comlemented by our experience and expertise so that we can meet the requirements of our customers in modern and progressive fashion.

MANUFAKTUR BAVARIA and TIMLESS | bespoken are one of the most exclusive manufactures for luxury academic gowns world wide.





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