COLLEGE FASHION AUSTRALIA PTY.LTD., 42/5-21 Faculty Close, Campus Shopping Village, Queensland, Smithfield 4878

Here you will find a unique selection of over 40 different high-quality stoles. Our stoles/sashes are available in different styles, sizes, and more than 15 colours. Our standard program ranges from classic monochrome stoles, over multicoloured, to v-stoles. Are you looking for your individual design ideas, stoles / sashes accordingly and adapted to the CI guidelines of your school / university? Our customer service would be very happy to have the opportunity to contact you.

Of course, we can print and/or embroider noble any of our stoles / sashes for you individually.

From schools to universities - with our range of stoles / sashes made by COLLEGE FASHION you will find the matching stole / sash for every occasion.

In addition to the wide selection of stoles / sashes you can find in our menu high quality hoods, honor cords, bands and a number of other matching accessories. Of course it is also possible to rent the academic regalia.